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Panel #1: A Starter Conversation... what is the fitness industry getting right/wrong when it comes to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?




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More about It's a Different World: "Conversations about Diversity, Inclusion, and the future of the fitness industry"


It's a Different World is a four-part discussion series co-sponsored and hosted by Frank J. Ancharski of Club Coach Solutions and Rodney J. Morris of Workplace Culture Workout. Beginning in January, each month will feature a different topic and panelists. Our intention with hosting the series is to rekindle the conversation about diversity, inclusion, and equity within the fitness industry. The time to act is now and the future of our industry depends on the choices we make today. 

Upcoming Panels & Dates:

Panel 1 - Monday, January 18th (MLK Day), "When it comes to Diversity and Inclusion, what is the fitness industry getting right and getting wrong?"

Panel 2 - Monday, February 15th (President's Day), "White voices speak: Can diversity really help the fitness industry?" 

Panel 3 - Monday, March 15th , "Taking Decisive Action: A Diversity & Inclusion Strategy development Master Class for fitness business owners & operators" 

Panel 4 - Monday, April 12th, "It Takes a Village: How to successfully implement Diversity & Inclusion programs that elevate EVERYONE" 

 If you would like to participate in an upcoming event as a panelist, please contact Frank at frank@clubcoachservices.com or Rodney at info@workplacecultureworkout.com

About Our Hosts

Frank J. Ancharski, M.S.

Chief Coaching Officer, Club Coach Services

Frank’s vast array of experience spans over 30 years including three start-up companies in the club, non-profit & medical fitness side of the industry as a General Manager, Area Director, Vice-President, COO, CEO, and Owner. He is the Founder and Chief Coaching Officer of Club Coach Services, a boutique fitness consulting company. Frank is passionate about creating a little L.I.P. Service, that is Leadership, Inspiration, and People Management. That servant leader mindset is used to formulate actionable and executable initiatives for his clients.

Rodney J. Morris

Co-Founder Workplace Culture Workout, MyFitPod™

Rodney is a seasoned presenter, educator and SME on employee engagement, training, recruitment, workplace culture, inclusion, and leadership development within the fitness industry. Over the years, Rodney has worked with and alongside the most well-established brands in health & fitness. As an industry veteran with 20 years of experience leading growth and change initiatives, Rodney has a unique and disruptive perspective on the interconnection between organizational culture, the advancement of technology, employee engagement, and the future of the fitness industry.

About Our Panelists

Cedric Bryant

President & Chief Science Officer, ACE Fitness

As President & Chief Science Officer, Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D., FACSM, represents ACE as a national and international lecturer, writer and expert source. Bryant has written more than 200 articles or columns in fitness trade magazines, as well sports medicine and exercise science journals, and authored, co-authored or edited 30 books. He can often be found as an authoritative resource for fitness and nutrition articles in a variety of respected national outlets. As a community leader, Bryant shares his knowledge of exercise physiology and athletics as a youth sports coach in baseball, basketball and soccer.

Pamela Kufahl

Director of Engagement & Content, Club Industry

Pamela Kufahl is director of content and engagement at Club Industry, a media and conference brand for the fitness industry. Since joining Club Industry in 2002, she has covered various fitness business news and trends in articles, reports, webinars, videos and podcasts. She also heads the conference program for the annual Club Industry Show and the brand’s new virtual Future of Fitness events. She is spearheading the diversity, equity and inclusion series for Club Industry, giving people in the industry the space to share their experiences and ideas.

Maria Gonzalez

CEO, ClubFitness Greensboro

Maria Gonzalez is a native of Colombia and moved to the United States in 1998. She arrived in this country speaking no English but was never an obstacle to build a successful career. In addition to her role as the CEO of ClubFitness Greensboro, she is also an active member of her community and serves as a volunteer and in more formal roles in different organizations and received a Leadership Medal in 2018 from Leadership Greensboro. She is a 2015 class participant and 2016 Leadership Greensboro Program Co-Chair, she is a 2020 class participant of Other Voices, member of the GEA Leadership team, former board chair of FaithAction International, former board chair of the Weaver Foundation, she is a board member of NCCJ and board chair of Casa Azul. Maria has also been one of the organizers of the GSO National and International Dance Day at Lebauer Park and led Faces of Diversity: Greensboro Project.